Malay Lessons

All the notes from the video lessons in one place!

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Lesson 1: How Are You?

In the very first lesson, I explained why Malay is one of the easiest language to learn and also how to ask someone ‘How are you?’ in Malay (and also how to answer this question).


Lesson 2: Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night

I demonstrate how to say the usual daily greetings like a local with a special emphasis on how to pronounce the letter ‘E’ and the letter ‘T’ like Malay people do.


Lesson 3: A-E-I-O-U, Welcome, Happy Birthday

The Malay way of pronouncing the vowels A-E-I-O-U, welcome, and a little cringey Happy Birthday song.


Lesson 4: Wedding Ceremony, Congratulations, Please Eat & Wedding Favours

I just attended a Malay wedding and thought it would be nice to come up with a thematic video.


Lesson 5: What, Why, Where, When, How and Who

I share the pronunciation of some common interrogative words and how to use them in Malay.


Lesson 6: Numbers / How to Count in Malay

How to count one to ten in Malay and all the way up to billions! I share with you the main useful terms and the arrangement of words when saying long numbers in Malay. All you need is a little bit of practice. If all else fails, translate directly from English!


Lesson 7: Name, Age, Where You’re From and Ways of Saying ‘I’

How to introduce yourself in Malay, how to say where you’re from in Malay and the different ways Malay people refer to themselves.


Lesson 8: How to Address Strangers

I share the appropriate terms to use when addressing a stranger or when asking for help. Also included, how to say ‘Excuse me’ in Malay.


Lesson 9: At the Clinic / Feeling Sick

A whole lesson on things you can say when you’re at the clinic or hospital and what to communicate that you’re not feeling well / you’re feeling ill.


Lesson 10: Places to Buy Groceries / Supermarket

Name of places you can buy groceries. Basically how to say supermarket, grocery store, farmer’s market and night market in Malay. I also included the name of the the huge supermarket chains in Malaysia.


Lesson 11-50

To be updated little by little! Please bear with me.


Lesson 51: Time

The Malay words for Time, usage and context and units of measurement for Time like Hour, Minute and Second in Malay.


Lesson 52: At the Café

Some simple sentences you can learn to buy something to eat or drink in a cafe – perfect for practising your basic Malay!


Lesson 53: At the Bank

What to say when you want to withdraw, send, transfer money in a bank. Also included, how to ask for help if something as unfortunate as the ATM swallowing your card happens!


Lesson 54: Food Poisoning

I had food poisoning and made a lesson about the things you can say in Malay about food poisoning like symptoms and expressing annoyance (just a bit in the end – because I was very annoyed).


Lesson 55: Feelings and Emotions

More of a vocabulary share – happiness, anger, sadness, frustration and everything in between. Oh goodness, I forgot shy/embarrassed! It’s ‘Malu‘. There you have it.