Sierralisse Pre-Loved Clothes Charity Sale

Sierralisse Pre-Loved Clothes Charity Sale

Hello everyone!

I recently cleared some space from my ever-suffering wardrobe of clothes that I’ve neglected to wear over the years. They are still in perfect condition and with some (pretty hard) nudge from a good friend, she convinced me to sell my clothes for charity.

My charity of choice right now is Skolafund. It is a website where the public can pledge any amount they want for Malaysian university students who are currently stuck in their studies due to financial difficulties.

I’ve been so busy preparing for the sale that I’ve not had the time to choose a specific candidate. But rest assured, I will be completely transparent in revealing whatever amount of money I manage to collect from the sales of my pre-loved clothes and also in the selection of the candidate.

Do watch this space for further updates as I will be selling my clothes in small batches, starting from tonight at 9pm.

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