Chronic Mojo Depletion

Chronic Mojo Depletion

Agh, I’ve been so out of it lately. I’m forcing myself to write and hopefully by the end of this post, my thoughts would not be so all over the place.

It probably started about three weeks ago when I began this whole dieting and exercising thing. An hour a day on the treadmill every day of the week. I would feel great after exercising, but then my body would literally force me to fall asleep. Miiiight have something to do with the late nights and early mornings.

I would wake up at 6am for morning prayers, then get on the treadmill for one hour, jump into the shower really quickly before going around the jogging track with my parents for another 40 minutes. It sounds like overkill, but the second exercise is more of a cooling down session for me after working it up on the treadmill.

I’m trying to get my parents to be fitter and they’re more likely to exercise when I’m with them. Even though it takes up an extra hour of my time, I honestly look forward to it every day. We talk about everything along the way and nothing beats the smell of nature and just being outdoors when the cool morning mist still hangs in the air.

When I was still working 9 – 5, I’d leave my house just when the sun was about to rise. It’s about that time the sky would appear the most glorious. Gentle morning sun casting orange light against the still dark blue clouds. I’d see all this in my rear-view mirror and found myself wishing I had the time to just sit somewhere and witness it properly.

Now I do, and I choose to spend it with my parents. It feels like a gift every day to see them chatty and getting fitter as time goes by. Nowadays walking alongside my dad isn’t so leisurely anymore. Having four inches of advantage in height over me meant that his brisk walking pace would equal the occasional light jog for me.


Porridge is the usual food of choice when I get hungry at night. If I share the dishes, they’re only about 360 calories!


On top of the exercising, I’ve also started counting calories (again!). I have this love-hate relationship with Fitness Pal. I think we broke up like five or six times over the course of four years. Now I’m back at it and surprisingly, I’ve been pretty disciplined (the weighing scale kinda gave me one of the biggest frights of my life).

My friends are all annoyed with me by now for counting every single calorie, but I’m thinking meh, it’s not going to be forever. I’ve already lost two kilograms over two weeks, I can fit into my small clothes again and I’m getting stronger. By the time I lose a total of ten kilograms, my smaller meal portions should be a normalcy that I will no longer need to religiously keep track of the numbers anymore. It’s short term pain for long term gain.


This is me running away from responsibilities. The big guy is called Louis. The smaller guy is called Eddie McGroove. The cat is called Mr Anderson. That’s right, he’s Neo in disguise.


Unfortunately, all these new routines I’m trying to turn into my new habits have taken a toll on my work. I don’t know if it’s the fatigue or if I’m just getting bored, but finishing the last few videos for my Nepal trip is getting more and more difficult. But finish it I will. Before next Tuesday comes along.

I’ve decided that once I wrap up all my posts about Nepal, I will start focusing on Malaysia. I skipped last week to do proper planning for my Malaysian series. I even borrowed my friend’s GoPro to give it a test drive. I’ve yet to try it, despite having it in my possession for the past one week.

This weekend, for sure, I will record some videos and do some editing. If it turns out good, I will purchase a brand new GoPro Hero 5 Black and a good wireless microphone for some serious recording time.


OK I KNOW the little thing I was holding is too small to drill a hole into my wall but I was desperate. I couldn’t find the driller anywhere and it was experimental…

Did it anyway 😀 With some help, I hate to admit.


Another thing that I’ve been up to the past week was covering my wall with cork board(s).

It’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for ages because I need a huge visual space for my story line. I finally got round to drilling new holes on the wall and shifting the shelves to the left. I’m glad the window isn’t as obstructed as I thought it’d be.

I tried purchasing a huge cork sheet earlier but after finding out that I’m just an individual (as opposed to a company with bigger purchasing power), they shoo-ed me.

What I did then was to buy polystyrene boards from Popular and a bunch of IKEA cork mats to stick to my wall with the use some (supposedly) powerful double-sided tape and thumbtacks. It looks a bit weird, but it’s cost effective and it serves my purpose. I was really happy and proud of it…

Until this happened.



As you can see, it didn’t end too well. A fricking avalanche. And a hail of thumbtacks. So now it looks like I’m back to square one. I don’t feel like gluing them to the wall although I’m not completely against the idea. Right now though, I’m stuck with removing the double sided tapes from my ugly turned uglier wall.


Wow, this really works! I feel better after typing all of these down. I guess all I needed was to get reacquainted with my WordPress account. This is the beauty of having a ‘Personal’ category to write about all the random things I’ve been up to.

Happy weekend everyone!


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