Welcome to Sierralisse

Welcome to Sierralisse

As I write this post, a voice rings in my head, clear as day.

It is the voice of a man I hold in high esteem since my corporate days.

When I chose to leave the corporate world in search of something as vague as ‘happiness’, I was plagued by a million questions and a million more uncertainties.

One day, I unloaded some of my insecurities on him.

The only thing he said was, “Sounds like you have a lot of shit going on in your head.”


Thinking of it now, it made me chuckle. At the time, his response did nothing to help me sort my thoughts. I drifted this way for many months, getting temporarily excited about something, then slowly pulling back for fear of missing out on other things that I’ve left behind.

I simply couldn’t make a choice to focus on anything because I was paralysed by fear.

I had to go through a lot of internal struggle to achieve the peace that I now have. It took a while but I don’t regret it one bit. I think it was something that I definitely had to go through and the resulting acceptance made it all completely worth it.

In the end, I found my focus in the form of this little blog, which is but a seedling.

I’ve started many blogs in the past which turned out to be a complete flop. They all started out hopeful, gingerly testing the waters with the edge of their toes, unsure, lost, self-conscious and always shrouded in fear.

Sierralisse, on the other hand, was started because I actually found something to focus on. This is only possible after I finally came to terms with my fears and insecurities.


So what is Sierralisse?

Sierralisse is first and foremost a place to record my journey – in the places I travel and the changes I go through. 

There is much to learn from successful people. And there is even much more to learn from their mistakes. I used to be ashamed of my mistakes, but now I wear them with pride. In time, I will continue to update my thoughts and progress under the ‘Personal’ category so others may learn as well.

Notwithstanding the actual definition, the word ‘sierra’ triggers images of vast blue skies in my mind. It makes me think of flying, of different worlds and of adventure. ‘-lisse’ is just a variation of my name Lisa.




Travelling really does change a person. For one, it turns one into an excellent planner. Secondly, no matter how clichéd it sounds like, it changes one’s character for the better.

I have always loved writing. It is a wonderful form of self-expression. Together with my love of drawing and my newfound ability to make videos, I am confident that my passion for overthinking the most minute details will prove to be useful to my readers and viewers, whoever you may be.



It feels like I’m always looking up at the sky, waiting for something amazing to happen.

Now I know something amazing is happening.

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