Ole-Ole Bali, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Ole-Ole Bali, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

I received a lot of interest for my Ole-Ole Bali post, (probably due to the sheer size of the food) so here’s everything we ordered and what I thought about them. We did not finish the food (obviously) and took most of them home where they now sit in the loving stomach of family members. Nothing was left behind.

Ole-Ole Bali serves Balinese food. They have Western options but with a Balinese twist which was very well-done. They use a lot of spices prevalent in South East Asia without overdoing it. I am usually very suspicious of fusion food but Ole-Ole Bali knows what they’re doing (so far). Suitable for Mat Saleh palate as nothing was spicy. But then again, I eat raw chili, so if you’re a Mat Saleh reading this, do take my words with a huge bag of salt. And if your idea of adventurous food is ginger snap biscuits, you will find the spices overpowering. 


1. The Bali Trio

The huge plate I was holding in the picture. No, they weren’t all for me.

There was Sate Lilit which to me looked like the Malaysian otak-otak (seasoned minced fish) on lemongrass stalk which was yummy and pleasantly fragrant. There were BBQ chicken wings which was just alright. No wonder I wasn’t crazy for it – I’m not a fan of BBQ sauce. The taste was quite mild and I couldn’t taste the BBQ, but then again it didn’t really taste like anything. And finally crispy fried squid rings which was quite good. All of them come with their own dipping sauce. I love the sambal (for wings), and the onion-y sauce (for the otak-otak) while the creamy sauce (for the wings) was alright. Decent I’d say.


2. The moment it dawned on us there’s too much food on the table right then, and the main course was yet to come

As a Malaysian, I’m used to stingy appetiser portions in pretentious air-conditioned KL restaurants, so this came as a real surprise. You think I was smiling in the picture on top? That’s my ‘I’m-screwed-we-ordered-too-much’ face.

Ole-Ole Bali really feed you. Go when you’re raving hungry and if you want to sample a lot of food, bring many people!


3. Garlic Bread

Even the garlic bread was good. Someone likes garlic bread so much so we ordered that even though it’s out of place. It was generously buttered and the taste went right into the centre of the soft bread. This wasn’t one of those crappy breads that came out of the oven as crispy as a three-day-old cake and as chewy as a dog’s chew toy. Not the best, but very, very decent. Would order again if I had a hankering for garlic bread.



4. The main course – Beef Ribs with Rice

The beef ribs comes in two options – with rice or with potatoes. The rice was actually really good. The portion was small (just nice) because there was a lot of meat to go around. So was the vege accompaniment. Which was why…


5. The main course – Beef Ribs with Potatoes

…I got jealous because I ordered the ones with potatoes and salad that had some tangy, sour dressing (I dislike sour things). Would DEFINITELY go for the rice option next time.

I could taste so many familiar eastern spices and they go SO WELL with the meat! The potatoes were well cooked, but kinda boring. The salad was meh, seriously the vege from the rice set was much better. The sambal was good, not hot enough for me but definitely the most hot thing among everything else.


6. Pisang Bakar (Grilled Banana)

Such a simple name, and wow, what an experience!

Now if you’re bored with life and looking for an affair, go for this dessert. It’s foodgasm to the max. I would travel all the way from Ampang to Putrajaya for this amazing pisang bakar. Grilled into caramelised perfection, topped with vanilla ice cream that actually complements the taste instead of overpowering it and sprinkled with sweetened coconut shavings and chewy peanut candies, this little thing is just bursting flavour and surprises. Not for sharing. In fact I would get violent if someone were to touch my precious pisang bakar.



7. Jus Alpukat

I don’t know what possessed me to order this thick or avocado juice (if you can call it juice) after everything. Perhaps it’s nostalgia – it was all I had during my short stint in CIMB Niaga in Jakarta. It was good but honestly after the monstrous amount of food we consumed, I wanted to cry while sipping the very creamy, very heavy drink.


8. Kopi Gula Merah (Dark Palm Sugar Coffee)

I’m not a super big fan of coffee, but this one was good. I mean honestly, when is gula merah (or Gula Melaka) NOT good? Would go for this again.

Oh and by the way, this drink is chilled, not hot.

Can’t seem to find it in the regular menu online, so we must have ordered it from the additional menu. That’s where we ordered the beef ribs from too.


9. Just a nice pic of a candle

So not edible, but I’m a sucker for candles and flowers; they look purr-tee. It was on every table. No matter how terrible a restaurant is, when they place a candle on each table, I become happier. This one was far from terrible. They also have nice orchids.


10. Terrible attempt at a panoramic shot of the centrepiece

Nice centrepiece which hung right above the kitchen. If you look properly the entire restaurant is actually quite drab and simple, but the beauty of the multiple layers of lighting fashioned from the bubu (traditional fish trap) lent a good atmosphere to the entire area. The candles and low lighting definitely helped as well. Very clever. They also played gentle, traditional songs to give an exotic vibe to the whole place instead of blaring God-awful Taylor Swift songs, making me forget that I was inside a mall.



8/10 would go again. I was gonna write 10/10 but I want to give some space for something in the future I might find even awesome-r.

The place is suitable for impressing your foreign friends if you want a nice setting and not looking for street food. Sure, it’s Indonesian, but hey, we’re all South East Asian and we have so much in common!

It’s located on the Ground Floor of IOI City Mall at G28 & G29. Opposite K Fry. Seriously the queue to that place is ridiculous. Go Ole-Ole Bali instead.

You can download the Ole-Ole Bali menu here.

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