Sleep debt must be paid

Sleep debt must be paid

My brains automatically woke itself up at five this morning. I think I must have been anxious to work on my articles. It’s been a long weekend for Malaysia – a five-day-weekend to be precise – enabled by a string of public holidays for Independence Day, Eid al-Adha and SEA Games. I enjoyed myself for two days and spent three days obsessing over my September articles.

But the idea wouldn’t come, no matter how hard I tried. My notebook is filled with nonsensical scribbling. As I stared bleary-eyed into the darkness, I automatically reached for my phone and started reading random blogs to spark inspiration. After one hour, I gave up and instinctively decided to go back to sleep.

Turned out to be the best decision for me! I slept for three extra hours and from the moment I opened my eyes, the right term just popped into my head. Self-preservation.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, will be my theme for September. It might take other form or other words, but I know how to go about it now. What a relief! Turns out all my body needed was some rest. I’d been pushing myself on the treadmill for days and the constant reading and thinking and staying up late didn’t help me much.

And I felt so energised I decided to make french toast for breakfast!

The next time you get a blogger’s block, get some sleep. Chances are you already know what to write about. It’s just that your brains might need some time and space to clear up the clutter.

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